GameOn Developer Toolkit: v200501

Version 200501 Highlights

Introducing GameOn Developer Toolkit

GameOn Developer Toolkit is a software program built by Ryan Walpole Enterprises for developers to take advantage of the GameOn platform. The GameOn Developer Toolkit allows users to create and program Code LX files and LX Manifests to build extensions for GameOn Driver.

What’s New:

GameOn Developer Toolkit includes the ability to:

  • Create new and Edit existing Code LX Project files, including .clx, .lxc, .lxmanifest.
  • Introduces syntax highlighting for Code LX.

This streamlines the process of creating GameOn Extensions.

Future Updates:

We’re planning on a series of future updates to the GameOn Developer Toolkit that will extend functionality. Our to-do list includes:

  • Wizards for GUI-based creation of LX Manifests, Code Files, Etc.
  • Providing templates for easy and quick coding.
  • Providing tools to package and distribute your finished projects on the GameOn Extensions Library.