RyTek3: Application Framework Patch

RyTek3: Application Framework Patch by RWE Softworks

In a recent update to Windows 10, all applications based on the RyTek3 framework were broken and would no longer run giving the error code:

RTK3E1001 - The application was unable to read, write or interact with the RyTek Application Framework. 
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This broke many applications that were not able to be updated to another language after the end of support for RyTek3 in 2017.

As a result of this, RWE Softworks (the subsidiary of Ryan Walpole Enterprises responsible for hobby projects by employees as well as projects that don’t follow the usual methodology of RWE projects (closed source, etc)) has released a patch that should fix any issues with applications connecting to the RyTek Application Framework. This new software is available on GitHub.