Sign In and RWE Account Help


Welcome to the dedicated support for issues pertaining to Ryan Walpole Enterprises user accounts and the RWE authentication service. If you are unable to find a solution to your issue, we recommend lodging a support request with us so we can look into your issue further.


I have lost or forgotten my password.
If a user has lost or forgotten their password, it can be reset using the email address associated with the account, using the form available here:
Reset the password to my RWE Account.

I don’t have access to the email address linked to my RWE account anymore.
If you no longer have access to your RWE account’s associated email address, you will need to lodge a support request with us. You will need to tell us your new email address, your old email address, the circumstances around your email account being unavailable and provide us with some personal information so that we can verify your identity.

What is the difference between core permissions and additional permissions?
Core permissions are permissions that are granted to the application or service, when you sign in and allow the application or service access to your account. Additional permissions are those that are required to use the application or service. For example, some services (such as GameOn) will require your usual account information (name, email address, etc) but also need to know if you’re a part of the GameOn Testers Program – as well as all of the relevant information if you are.

I still can’t sign in to GameOn after signing in and allowing access.
If you are unable to sign in to GameOn, despite allowing the application access, you may not be a part of the GameOn Testers Program.  Just because you have an RWE account, you are not guaranteed access to services and applications that have additional criteria for use. If you believe you are a part of the GameOn Testers Program and are still having issues, please lodge a support request with us.