[FPLx00001] – FieldMate PDFLink was unable to check for updates.


The user has attempted to check for updates within the FieldMate PDFLink application and the application was unable to check for updates.


  • The RWE update servers for FieldMate PDFLink are unavailable right now.
  • Your internet connection was unable to reach the RWE update servers due to limited or no internet connectivity or restricted browsing access that has flagged RWE’s servers as inappropriate or unsafe.


  1. Check that you are successfully connected to the internet. If you are able to reach websites as expected, move to solution 2.
  2. Check that you do not have any internet content restrictions in place on your network. Your network administrators may have locked your network down to only allow certain sites or file types. Check with your organization that you are allowed to access RWE’s update servers as well as your ability to download .exe files.
  3. Try again later. If you are unable to check for updates with no content restrictions and a valid internet connection, the chances are that the RWE Update Servers are unavailable at the moment. Try again later or tomorrow. If the issue persists, please contact RWE Support.