Unable to open the specified project file (GDVx00006)


The user has opened a file in GameOn Developer Toolkit that no longer exists. This error will only occur if the user is trying to open the file through Windows Explorer using GameOn Developer Toolkit as the application associated with the file, and not if you’re opening the file from within GameOn Developer Toolkit using the “Existing Project” or “Open” buttons.


  • The file you’re trying to open has been moved or is no longer available.
  • The file you’re trying to open is password protected, on a password protected drive or is not able to be accessed by GameOn Developer Toolkit.


  1. Check that the file you are trying to access hasn’t been moved, deleted or password protected.
  2. If the file exists but has no protection, try copying it to a different location on your PC (e.g your desktop).
  3. If the issue still persists, try opening GameOn Developer Toolkit and clicking “Existing Project” and finding it using the file dialog provided, rather than double clicking on the file itself.
  4. If you continue to experience issues, please lodge a bug report with us and provide as much information as possible (including the file affected).