Unhandled Exception: The remote name could not be resolved (GDVx0VSUE)

This error is the result of a bug that has been fixed as of GameOn Developer Toolkit version 200701.


An internet connection could not be established to check for updates in GameOn Developer Toolkit versions prior to version 200701.


  • GameOn Developer Toolkit versions released prior to version 200701 did not handle a case situation wherein the user would try to use the application without an internet connection. This is a bug in the GameOn Developer Toolkit software.
      • Current Versions Affected:
        • v200501
        • v200601
        • v200602
        • v200603
        • v200701BETA


Since this is an unhandled exception, the application will continue to launch normally after several seconds. The error window can simply be dismissed by the user by clicking “Continue”.

  1. Click “Continue” in the error window.
  2. Wait for the application to launch unless it has already, in which case you can continue using GameOn Developer Toolkit.