As we bring the first month of 2020 to a close, we feel like it’s time we give our GameOn testers and greater community a roadmap for what you can expect with GameOn including it’s applications for versions 20x. This roadmap should be taken at face value, especially the dates included, as these are only estimates.

Q1 and Q2, 2020
GameOn v20x
includes GameOn Driver and Launcher

2001 The Security Update January 14, 2020
2002 January 27, 2020
2003 The Consistency Update February 6, 2020
2004 February 10, 2020
200205 February 26, 2020
200301 The Home Update March 1, 2020
200302 March 18, 2020
200401 The Great Bug Squash of 2020 (Update) April 1, 2020
200402 April 20, 2020
200403 April 23. 2020
200501 The Refinement Update 1 May 7, 2020
200502 May 13, 2020
200503 May 28, 2020
200504 June 20, 2020

We will announce and publish our roadmap for Q3 and Q4 of 2020 later down the update production. Please find attached a brief overview explaining the update titles:

  1. The Security Update – The security update aims to bring more security features to the GameOn application suite. We started this with version 2001 which added new sign in options to GameOn.
  2. The Consistency Update – The consistency update will see the applications become more consistent. This will include streamlining the experiences of all GameOn products. Some of our priorities include making all icons used in the application suite uniform and consistent as well as giving a consistent settings experience and navigation experience through all applications.
  3. The Home Update – The home update will see improvements and expansions for GameOn Home.
  4. The Great Bug Squash of 2020 (Update) – The great bug squash of 2020 will aim to squash as many bugs as possible – don’t expect any new features during April, we’ll be tackling everything under the hood for this update.
  5. The Refinement Update 1 – The first refinement update (there are plans for others) will aim to refine the application in hopes that we will be able to bring it out of Beta by 2021/2022. This will be the first phase of that daunting task.

We’re also doing a couple of other things in Q1 and Q2 of 2020 which are not directly involved with the software engineering of GameOn but are still related to the product. These things include:

  • Introducing a new GameOn Tester Dashboard. You can get started with our new GameOn Tester Dashboard now, at
  • Phasing out our dependency on the RWE Network.
  • Improving GameOn Launcher Packages to take up less network bandwidth and PC space, making them faster to retrieve.
  • Some secrets related to GameOn Vibe.
  • Establishing some new technologies for existing systems that power the GameOn experience.

Thank you all for a very interesting 2019, and here’s to an even more eventful 2020.