GameOn Update: v200301

Version 200301 Highlights

What’s New:

This is the first of two updates scheduled for March in the GameOn Roadmap. These updates pertain to GameOn Home and are designed to add new features and improvements to the GameOn Home application. GameOn Home is built into the GameOn application.

There are a lot of new features in this update that have been in development for quite some time. You can see what’s new below:

  • Added a feedback button to the top right of the application to give Feedback and Bug Reports (In the form of a smiley face!)
  • Added GameOn Communication
    • You can now add friends that also use GameOn.
    • You can now chat and call your friends using GameOn.
      • There is also support for group calls. To do this, begin a call with one Friend and then use the “Invite to Call” button to select other friends to join the call.

  • Added Performance View
    • View your CPU, GPU, Memory and Disk Usage.
    • You can customise the Performance View to add, remove and rearrange the different performance indicators.

  • Added Quick Toggles
    • By default you can see and toggle features like GameOn Driver, the In-Game Overlay and more.
    • Add, remove and reorganise your toggles to suit your needs.


  • Notifications now show up in a compact view.
    • We removed the existing choice between compact view and expanded view in favour of just compact view. We are looking at how we may implement an expanded view in the future.
  • Moved the application tabs to the top of the application.
  • Moved the search higher and made the search field larger.
  • Redesigned the Search UI to take advantage of the full space.

Bug Fixes:

  • Critical Bug Fixes:
    • GameOn would BSOD when trying to launch GameOn using administrator privileges.
    • GameOn would also BSOD when trying to launch GameOn using compatibility mode (though this is because compatibility mode requires administrator privileges. We should note that using compatibility mode is counterintuitive as the application is designed and only works on Windows 10.
  • General Bug Fixes:
    • Scroll bars in the search UI would stop working after the first search was completed.
    • Minor bug fixes.
  • Other:
    • Performance optimisations.