GameOn Developer Toolkit: v201001

Version 201001 Highlights

What’s New:

  • We’ve introduced a more consistent theme to the Project Editor, matching GameOn more closely as well as the starting page of the toolkit. Please let us know what you think of the new theme!

  • We’ve also added a brand new look to the “File” menu. If you’ve used Microsoft Office software, you will likely see the new look and feel as a familiar experience already.

  • We’ve added a new first-run feature that will convert your existing core libraries to the brand new ones on startup. Please note that we have experienced an inconsistency in the new feature where some users may be prompted to re-install the libraries manually on the second run of the Project Editor. We’re not sure why this is happening, but if it happens – there’s nothing wrong, just re-install the libraries manually. It shouldn’t prompt you again.
  • Implemented a new feature in the “Help” tab to automatically migrate your code to the new libraries.


  • We’ve changed the “Test Extension” link to read “Test and Run”.
  • We’ve changed the terminology used within the Test and Run application to match GameOn Apps rather than Extensions. We have done this throughout the application but you’ll notice it most often in the Test and Run application.
  • Updated the core libraries included with the application to match the new library names.
  • Updated the in-app references to previous library names so that they now use the new library names.
  • Updating GameOn Developer Toolkit from a version that was 2 or more versions out of date will now result in less bugs and a more smooth experience.

Bug Fixes:

  • [2254] – Bug Report and Feedback buttons go to the same place (for some reason the feedback button completely lost all functionality when we originally issued a fix).
  • [2602] – Package Manager breaks when the libraries folder is empty.
  • We’ve fixed a massive issue with the code that executes when you attempt to update the application from versions 200802-200901. We’re going to roll out this hotfix to the existing clients. For the time being, manually downloading these versions will be restricted.