ryanwalpoleenterprises / gameon

GameOn is the brand name of a series of software products offered by Ryan Walpole Enterprises which includes the GameOn Driver and GameOn Launcher products. The GameOn Software application allows you to install and use these software products from a single window. Previous to July 2019, users would have to install individual products separately and open them from their respective application interfaces. They were combined in an effort to create a more streamlined user interface and experience that allows for the addition of future GameOn Software products.

  • Create a software application that is capable of running GameOn software in “tabs” similar to how a web browser shows various websites in tabs.
  • Enable the user to install and uninstall (adding a tab for them or removing it) GameOn software products that exist today and integrate the ability to add future products that may be released.
  • Have this application require minimal updates and allow the software applications managed by it to update independently.
  • Require only a single sign in that carries from the application to all software products managed by it.